Monday, January 23, 2012

Have you ever seen a "road for sale" like this one I saw near Snow Basin Ski Resort, Utah.  Well, I thought it was hilarious and had to go back and take a pic of it.  Whoever would try to sell a road?  Oh, you would, uh?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ode to Isis

Some pets have owners.  But it is a well known fact that cats have STAFF.  Our feline, Isis, was named by her original master, Jesse, who thought that a name of an Ancient Egyptian goddess was fitting. An offspring of the “royal line of Nelson” (our neighbor’s cat) she was the most adorable little fur ball you’ve ever seen. Kittens are always cuter than after they grow so we were prepared for her to become sleek and less loveable as time went on.  Well, it never happened.  She had a long-haired breed in her somewhere and each winter she plumped up on fur so she always weathered the cold well.

Isis was typically feline in so many ways  She would rub up against your leg and meow loudly when she needed attention.  She could display a totally teenage attitude by ignoring you or acting aloof.  She could hold up her nose in dislike of certain “cat” food and just meow all the louder.  Yet she was so very un-cat-like in so many ways.  The most obvious was her ability to be trained and to be predictable (dare I say it?) like a canine.  She would come when you called her name (unless she was hiding from you in the basement).  This astonished a lot of people as they had never seen an obedient cat.

Isis grew into a attentive mother who had 5 litters of little fur ball kittens just like herself.  She warmed to the idea that all the neighborhood kids loved her and wanted to love her kittens as much as she did.  She would often run to welcome the children on their way to and from school.  And she knew the sound of our car because when we turned the corner toward home she was always half way across the lawn to greet us.
We could never leave a window open because Isis would climb up on the roof and come in our bedroom in the middle of the night.  She would just sleep on the floor until morning when we would discover her there.  The only exception to this was if she wanted to get outside again and meow loudly until we obeyed her wishes.  She assumed that she could wake her “staff” at her whim.  She definitely taught us to put the screens on or keep the windows shut.

We couldn’t ask for a better companion for our dog, the late Pups.  They didn’t always agree on everything but they had fun over the years until her sad passing about 5 years ago.  Today, I’m sorry to report, was another sad day at our house as we tearfully bid goodbye to Isis who was with us for about 15 years.  . Isis, you were one in a million and completely unrepeatable and irreplaceable. We will miss your unconditional love, your pretty full coat, your lovely white bib and paws.  We will even miss your very necessary, annual spring haircut which always left you unmated but looking wimpy and wounded.  We will miss your pacing outside on the front window sill to remind us of feeding time.  We will miss the amazing ways you found to get in and out of our house, yard and especially our hearts.