Friday, August 19, 2011

Write Something Today

Since the fathers of the sons are the sons of men
And the men are the sons of others,
And the men who are brothers of other men's mothers
And uncles and children and then;

Those kids are the pals of the boys and the gals
Who will wed and be fathers and mothers
Of untold thousands of the creatures of earth
Who are somebody's cousins or brother;

Don't you think it is time to collect and record,
For your grandchild won't know this profusion
Of valuable data or manifold kin,
And will give up the quest in confusion.

Record now these names and file them away
For the sake of the worthy descendant
Who will rise up and bless you who taught to record
In this day of opportunity resplendent.

Now..write something TODAY! BY sjo 1958

1 comment:

Adri said...

Love this poem, Linda! Do you have all of Sidney Ottley's writings? Are they digitized? I'd love a copy!