Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Targets to Shoot At by Sidney J. Ottley

Today I ran across this set of "goals" once written by my Grandfather in 1939

1.     Be myself, all that I would expect of others and be not too concerned about the opinions of others, except as they may apply to my case, and profit by them.

2.     Play no favorites.  Give the same attention to and consideration of those in lowly station as the, so called, higher ups and that do without consideration of his attitude toward me.

3.     Give my family every opportunity that is within my power without depriving them of the privilege of striving for themselves.  Try to leave each a legacy of a healthy body and mind, an independent spirit and love for the truth and virtue; to be a good father and husband in every way that the word implies.

4.     Be more attentive, in detail, in business, church and personal matters, avoiding “flock shot” methods and following through on everything that I begin.

5.     Take a more positive stand toward those who have taken my merchandise and labor and have failed to pay for it – who have betrayed confidence and friendship.  Demand and attempt to enforce payment from those who I have accommodated, being charitable toward those whose circumstances have been beyo0nd their control and doing all in my power to assist them to work out from under these obligations so acquired.

6.     Seek out the blessing behind each seeming misfortune and never allow grief from present and past misfortunes to stand in the way of future opportunities.

7.     Cherish the love of God and the love of, my fellowmen above everything of an earthly nature, placing a premium on Real values of live, here and hereafter.

8.     Stand for peace with honor in a vicious world and ever pray and work for and teach for the might that comes with right.

9.     Maintain, if possible, adequate life insurance and other assets, that my wife and other dependants may not be burdened with debt when I shall leave them.  It is my hope that when I am no longer with them that a spirit of cooperation will exist between them and that they will never neglect each other and the memory of their mother and dad, who have striven for them.   By SJO 1939

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