Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daily Doings of Jesse Rich at 20 months

8:00 am: wakes and runs from person to person for hugs and kisses
8:03 am: takes everything out of all three drawers in his room
8:05 am: crawls all over us during family prayer and "circle of love"
8:10 am: shakes the music stands until everything falls off onto the floor
8:11 am: slides down the stairs and eats all the cheerios off the floor in the kitchen before we let the dog in to finish the clean up
8:20 am: rolls around in and tears to shreds the newspaper left out from the night before
8:21 am: run to every painted white wall in the house and indelibly leaves his imprints on each one
8:25 am: throws the half empty bowls, cereal and milk on the floor so the dog won't be disappointed shen she comes in
8:26 am: sees what's in the bottom of the trash sack before someone takes it to the barbage outside and it is lost from discovery forever
8:28 am: climbs the stairs and stands squeaking by the tub until someone comes and decides that a washrag will NOT be enough to erase the sgar coated face, the milk stained knees, the soggybottom or the oaty cherrios smashed in his hair - so he goes in the tub
8:40 am: decides he's cold after letting the water all out 30 seconds after he got in and sitting there for 15 minutes waiting for the water to come back up
8:41: stands and cries for someone to rescue him but won't get out when we do come
8:45: clean and happy now, he returns to his bedroom to tacle his drawers again, looking determined to do a better job on them this time.


Adri said...

That would be funny if it weren't exactly like my life! It gives me hope for my Davis!

Danielle and Jesse said...

Let's hope this extreme busy-body-ness somehow doesn't trickle down into our children! I'm pretty sure I was exactly the same way though!