Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don't move a muscle!

I've decided to stop getting any older. No I'm not going to die, nothing THAT drastic. I'm just going to go the other way . . .no, not to HELL . . . the other way in age! I'm going to start today to get closer to my grand kids, not moving in with them, but closer to them in age. Why? Because they have more fun than I do.

I think I spent all my growing up years thinking that I'd have more fun when I grew up. Things like having my own room, staying up late, and eating all the candy I wanted occupied much of my young years as I longingly looked forward to future years. I could hardly wait until no one would tell me what to do, how to act, or when to start or stop certain behaviors. Now I realize that it may just have been the best time of my whole life.

Kids are too young to understand how much fun they are having. Like today when my grand daughter Jane lead me to her room to show me around. She was so excited for me to see what was in there and had obviously forgotten that I unpacked the moving boxes and lovingly "decorated" her shelves, made her bed, and hung up her pretty dresses just a few short weeks ago. I say "lead" me because I was walking behind her and giggling at her bare bottom peeking out from under her shirt (she's potty training) all the way to her very own fairyland she calls her room.

We played and played with all her soft glittery, sequined, boa-feathered princess items. Then she apparently got hungry and ran off to get something to serve for tea. Afraid of losing her audience (me) she immediately ran right back and commanded "stay right there, don't move, remember, stay right there, don't move." Afraid of committing some crime against the kingdom, I did as I was told.

Frankly, there wasn't much threat of me going anywhere because I was deep in thought regarding the reversed aging idea that I had been pondering while playing queens of the castle. I can't say that I've come up with a positive course of action to accomplish that. It seems that the more I think about it, the more complicated the whole theory is. So, until I come up with something (two heads are better than one so I'm soliciting your help here) I think I'll just keep working on the next best part of my life - being her grandmother. She calls me Mimi!


Mindy said...

Jane SURE loves her Mimi and was tickled that you wanted to spend time in her room with her. What fun memories she'll have of her same-aged Mimi!

Fay said...

Love this story. We Grams all relate! Tea parties are the universal social event in a little girl's world. I'm glad to be invited to Maryn's each time I'm at her house. I like your idea about growing younger. I'm gonna try that too.

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ffxiv said...
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CrabtownUSA said...

I wish my grandmother had been closer with me, both spiritually and geographically. I am blessed that both my parents have had heavy presence in my childrens' lives. They have been the best influence and made them much better people.

paul smith said...

Love this story.