Friday, February 27, 2009

How do I wov thee, let me count the ways . . .

#1 Abbie, you make me so optimistic about the world. You are always looking for a way to serve in your family. If every 9 year old cared about their family as much as you do, many of our familial problems would become extinct over a period of just a few short years. You are always thinking about others.
#2 Grant, you always run to give me the biggest and hardest hug no matter how long it's been since I last saw you. Two minutes ago I left the room, but surprise! I'm back and you're at my side again. I wov (translation: love) that. Out of the blue you'll start a conversation with something like this: "Mimi, do you know that in deep space traveling at mach 13, you can......."
#3 Christian, I'm still laughing at your antics in the movie we did last summer. Just thinking about your energy and your unique contributions to our fun makes me so happy. You always find the humor in every activity. Every family should have a "Christian"!
#4 Faith, I love it when you have a story to tell. You go into great detail and make sure I know not only what is happening in the story, but how everyone felt and what everyone said. Evening the tiniest of details are important. I love the enthusiasm in your voice when you do that!
#5 Jack, your never-ending creative juices remind us all that there is still a "child" in each person. Watching you make a space station or a super hero costume from some paper, three rubber bands, and five paper clips is an exercise in imagination. Your industry and dedication to inimitable ingenuity inspires us all.
#6 Clark, oh how I love to see those fast little legs carrying you towards me with a favorite book in hand with the look of anticipation on your cute face! Do you still remember that "a human head weighs eight pounds?" I love it when you say that to me.
#7 B. J., you are fun to eavesdrop on when you don't know people are listening because you are so entertaining! You act out whole scenes and carry on both sides of the conversation complete with sound effects. The good guys (that's you) always win in the end!
#8 John, it's fun to have you around because you always get so into anything that is going on. You totally invest yourself in the game or story or activity at hand. It makes me laugh when you repeat something one of us has said about 30 seconds earlier with so much excitement in your voice as if you had just thought of it!
#9 Jane, you give us all a lot to smile about as you act as your brother Jack's personal assistant. You like to be part of all the action all the time. But you distinguish yourself as a very feminine little girl while wearing your fuzzy princess crown and unflappable fairly wings. There can never be to much pick and purple in your life!
#10 Momma Mia, our little Amelia is walking, talking and teasing at age 2 going on 6. We always know when you are around because you constantly sing songs over and over. You are a little cupid in our family's world and always bring so much love to everyone.
#11 Drew, at 2.5 weeks old you have brought God's love straight from heaven. You come to a family with a lot of affection for you already and have a ton of love to give. Each time I kiss your sweet head I feel so peaceful and happy.

#12 and #13 to come later.

Go ask MOM (or DAD as the case may be)

We've had Vanessa and her husband Andrew plus five kids living here for about 7 weeks while they found a house. They are in the process of moving now with their brand new 6 day old baby boy. While they have been living here I've decided that grand parenting is a lot more fun than parenting. I've been both and believe me when I say that I "know" the difference.

When children live in your house for more than 24 hours you have to impose the same rules that parents do because your stewardship is to rear children to be competent and successful adults. If you don't have a routine, healthy food, and "rules" then they turn into something else. I agree with all of that and have tried to support the parents in every way. But there are some drawbacks. Most conversations go something like this: "Mimi, can I have a banana?" "I don't know, Clark, you'll have to ask your Mom." "Mimi, Mom said I can have a banana if it's okay with you." So a simple request turns into a hunt and seek for each think the child wants.

Or sometimes like this: "Mimi, can I have some candy?" "I don't know, Clark, you'll have to ask your Dad." "Dad, Mimi said it's okay for me to have candy." "Oh, did she?" "Yes, and some chocolate milk too!" "Oh, we'll think about it." "Mimi, Dad says we can think about having some candy." "Well, Clark, if he says you can have some candy after you think about it, what do you think?" "Mimi, I think YES!"

Actually, it's a lot more fun being a Grandparent than being a Parent. :0)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Drew Michael Croshaw was a miracle from heaven among many miracles this past week. He is perfect, eating heartily, and gaining weight. At birth he was 7 lbs. 11 oz. (the same as his mother, Vanessa, at her birth) and 21 inches long. His name, Drew, is from his daddy, AnDREW. His middle name comes from a sweet family friend and employer of Andrew, Michael Leavitt who shares the same birthday with little Drew.

Drew with mother, Vanessa, looking beautiful and rested even three days after giving birth. Some women should have lots of children. Vanessa handles it so well. They only bump in the road is that Drew had too high of a count when they checked his jaundice so he had to stay in the hospital an extra day. But the nurses loved having this little guy because of his easy disposition. The picture at the left is of him being treated at home yesterday in a bilibed that gives him the lighting to solve his problem. He is a beautiful angle and I especially like the goggles. He looks like he's ready for the cockpit. Some Mimi's have lots of grandkids but few have this kind of grandchild with such an "electric" personality and "glowing" with undeniable charm. What do you think?