Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm a bit late in posting this but my mind is STILL in Disney World every day. It's a place that keeps you reaching back to all the memories made there. It was and always is the best way (besides cruising) to vacation and the very best way to spend time with family and get to know grandkids that live far away.
We had a complete blast and ran from morning til night onto every ride or adventure we could. We must have walked 50 miles and shared more laughter than we can count. It was an absolutely great time!


I don't know why, but sometimes the holidays are stressful. That in the midst of everything we love about Christmas, about Christ, and about His birth. I was reading in a magazine about things to say that UN-STRESS holiday gatherings. I have added a few of my own to theirs. Enjoy:

“It makes me happy to see you so happy” --- When Aunt Eva tells you about her newest boyfriend after a chain of 4 husbands and divorces. This give you a chance to express your joy at their happiness. You aren’t saying anything about the relationship, only about her feelings.

“Let’s straighten up a bit before we get out the …..” --- Works well when you can no longer see the carpeting for the clutter and someone wants to start something new.

“Thank you for your opinion (viewpoint). I’ll think about that” --- Works well when family or friends offer an opinion and you may not agree but don’t think the timing is right for a debate.

“Is this a good time for you?” --- Works well when someone is distracted like watching a holiday football game but you need all their attention.

“Would you like my thoughts?” --- Works well when people are worrying about something or in trouble or frustrated with a situation. Gives them a chance to say if they want to hear your take on it or they just need to vent.

“I need your help. Could you….?” --- Works well when family is all around and everyone except the master host feels like they are on vacation from tasks to get the dinner on. This gives you a chance to tell them that you need their help and how they can help.

“Let’s get the facts or another viewpoint on this” --- This works when a problem is perplexing or maybe you feel like their needs to be consensus on the true facts before delving into the problem or solution.

“Let’s wait on this until we get more information” --- Stops gossiping most of the time.
“I don’t understand. Can you explain it again or in a different way?” --- Gives the person speaking a way to express themselves differently and may take on a different tone the second time around.

“I don’t like that idea. How about we…….” If you need to say NO it helps to have an alternative.

“I’m sorry you’re upset” --- Validates a person’s feelings even though the reasons for those feelings may NOT be valid. It gives you some time to let them cool down and give you better facts.

“Let me get back to you” --- Don’t feel like you have to answer everyone’s inquiries on the spot. If it’s an inappropriate question, just tell them that you may not be prepared to disclose and will have to get back to them.

“I love your (pumpkin pie) so much that I already had too many servings, but thanks so much for making that” --- Works well when grandma is pestering you to have ANOTHER serving of anything. She wants to show her love by you enjoying her culinary creations. Reaffirm to everyone within earshot how much you loved it but now you are full up to your eyeballs.

Thursday, November 13, 2008