Monday, June 30, 2008


Vote for Kelsey Nixon at
Kelsey Nixon is my friend from BYU and she is adorable and deserving. She has always dreamed of becoming a Food Network star and even has her own BYU TV show "Kelsy's Kitchen" as well as her website if you are interested.


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This week is America's Freedom Festival in Provo. It's gotten so big that the events actually start mid June and go for 2-3 weeks. We have taken part in almost every aspect of this festival in years past. We go to look at the hot air balloons. I worked on the committee to elect a Miss Provo. We have gone to the Stadium of Fiyeeeeeeeer! We have hit the market place down town. We have ridden on the little carnival rides and even been in the parade a bunch of times. It is so hot here this year (see link to Utah Hot at ) that we are NOT going to the parade. We will attend our Ward's Patriotic Program and BBQ on the evening of July 3rd, haul out the kiddie pools and have a BBQ of our own on the 4th. Saturday we will drive to Kaysville to be with the Ottley family at the reunion in the park. Plans for the rest of the summer? Well, they include but aren't limited to these:

1. Hiking in the Uintahs ( it will be cool there)
2. Seeing the sights around Salt Lake and Utah in general (save gas)
3. Keeping our tile clean (elbow grease)
4. Lots of time in the backyard with a few inevitable water fights (Vanessa, eat your heart out)
5. Going to the basement to cool off (25 degrees cooler at times)
6. Playing with grandkids and kids (never enough of that)
7. Camping with the Hawkins and Jesselle at Payson lakes.
7. Planning our next Vacation!!! (DisneyWorld in October with Croshaws)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Remember and be amazed!

I wish I had a "before" picture to display so you are totally have to trust me on this one - our kitchen floor has never been soooooooo clean. Doug and I got tired of all the build up on our grout and we went to work on it with a hot steamer, elbow grease, and a pile of clean rags. After that we tried scrub brushes and toilet bowl cleaner! 12 hours later we ended up with sore arms, a pile of very dirty rags, a deafening scent of bleach imaculately clean floor complete with tiles and grout in their original colors. It was cleaner than our bed so we slept on the tiles last night! Anybody believe that part?

Friday, June 27, 2008


I am happy to announce our winners to the post titled "Is Anyone Out There?." Both Mindy Hillman and Heidi Livingstone Edwards will be awarded a case of soda for replying to my message. Congratulations to these two beautiful women in my life! Thanks for reading my blog.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Is anyone out there?

There are no comments on my blog. I'm thinking that maybe I'm spilling my guts out in cyberspace but no one really reads it. What do you think? Maybe I need to have a contest on my site or something. What would make a good prize? A nice bottle of expensive shampoo? A new toothbrush (not used)? A scrubbing bubbles automatic shower contraption? A box of cereal? A case of soda? A fragrant candle? What do you R E A L L Y think?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Newlyweds, Grandkids and "Crop" Circles!

Interesting week. When we got home from DC our lawn looked okay but within a few days it started to turn yellow and brown. It was like some alien from outer space had visited our neighborhood and walked around the lawn spreading fire ants or some other kind of fire to take the life of our sweet and very green new summer grasses. We watered it again, then watered it daily, and finally just soaked the pathetic patches to no avail. Day after day, weeping, we would look at it with staunch faith, then hope, then neither that it would gather strength and rebound from whatever curse had befallen it. Day after miserable day, weeping yet more, it took on the look of some finely tuned patterns. Go figure! Maybe the mystery will be solved sometime this week. Meanwhile we are remembering to wear our sunglasses whenever we are outside. For some reason it looks much better when viewed with green tinted lenses. BTW, I thought I'd take a photo as a graphic for this part of my post but when we looked through our camera to snap the shot you couldn't really see the damage only some little very green men with bulging tummies jumping up and down, up and down, up and down in yellow parachute-like jumpsuits with grass stains on the knees.

It's been fun to have Jesse and Danielle around the past couple of weeks. We visited their little honeymoon cottage at Wymount Terrace where they had us over to dinner. They are making improvements on their furniture situation as the opportunity comes along. We are glad that their clothes get dirty every week so they have to come over to wash then. It's a great chance to get them in on a game of Bocce in the back yard. Bocce was Dad's father's day gift from the Hawkins. We will probably do more of that on the 4th of July as a family.

We saw Christian's t-ball game on Friday after work (after our work, not his work) we're happy to report that the kid is EXCELLENT at bat as well as guarding base. Hey, slugger, how about coming standing guard over our lawn. Maybe he could do a little ghost-busting or martian-busting. What ever! His baseball cap with a letter A for his team name "Athletics" is much much much greener than our lawn. Ok Ok enough about the lawn....but it is really very painful.

After Christian's game we visited the Hawkins and were even happy to get the Hawkins women (Jo, Abbie, and Mia) to come overnight to play with us while the men (Laren, Christian, and BJ) went to the Father's and Son's outing at Payson lakes. Saturday we made "coupon" shopping trips to Toys R Us, Walgreen's and Riteaid. (girls just wanna have fun!)
It's been a good week and we are continually blessed with the love of our Heavenly Father and each other. Life is good.....NOT GREEN....but GOOD!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shades of Summers Past

Look at this group of kids. Boy have they grown up since this picture....and we've taken away a few neighbor kids and added four more of our own. Wow!
Who is this li'l pumpkin?
Last year Dad took me to this slot canyon in Southern Utah. It was like being on the moon or something. The landscape seemed like we have been transported to a different planet. We hope to do this trip again this year and stay fairly close to home this summer until we do DisneyWorld in October with the Croshaw family. You gotta love it!


Choose American Gas Stations from the list at the foot of my blog. Go USA!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Water = Fun!

Most people in Arlington "join" a pool for the summer (which costs hundreds of dollars). Who needs a pool when you have a Slip N Slide??? These kids laughed and slipped all over the place on Thursday.
Faith had the idea to add dish soap to the water, to make it slippery-er, and it certainly worked! They were sliding all over the place and loving every minute!
I figured out how to play with my "fast action" setting on my camera, to capture the water like this - isn't that fun?
Here they are all on the slip n slide at the same time. Funny but John doesn't enjoy the water like these three do. He's perfectly content to stay dry on the sidelines - maybe we'll have to warm him up to it this summer. The 3 big kids start swim lessons in 2 weeks!

We finished our Soccer season this week, and Grant's team won the championship! He's learning to play quite the Goalie, and Faith had a lot of fun this year with her friends on the team. Grant also passed his Karate test and is now a...BLUE BELT! This is his fifth belt (white, gold, green, purple and now blue) and he just really loves it!

School's OUT at the end of this week, so I look forward to working on our Summer Goals in order to win a trip to DISNEY WORLD with Mimi and Papa! The kids keep repeating "If everyone doesn't achieve their goals, noone can go!" So, we're going to work together to achieve it all!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We are very proud of our beautiful grandchildren. See their pictures below a take a guess who each one is!

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Most Amazing Children's Playground


Who can leap three flights of stairs in a single bound? Fourteen times a day?
Who can jump on the tramp in 95 degree heat with 95 degree humidity?
Who can save the day from scratches, bumps, and teeth marks?
Who is the amazing woman who can get herself ready for church in 3 minutes and look like she's going out on he town with Brad Pitt (aka Andrew Croshaw, even better)?
Who is more elegant than Brooke Shields? More spiritual than Sister Okasaki? The most patient mom on the block? And the most supportive wife in our nation's capitol city?

Drum roll, please. Ta-Da! IT'S SUPER VANESSA!

We've just spent part of 5 days with our sweet Croshaw family in Arlington Virginia. Now we have a brand new member of the church in our family - Grant! He loved the wishes from everyone and is having fun with his new email address.

Doug and I are taking a 5:20 EST flight home today which goes through Cincinnati, OH. We arrive late and get up early on Tuesday to go back to work. The break was great! I'll post pics tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mother to Daughter Joanna

What in the world would our world be like without mothers and daughters and sisters? Joanna has been staying with us while Laren is doing EFY in Arizona and we've had so many fun moments together that I seem to tear up just thinking about them. Some things that I have learned from Joanna:
1. How to get the attention of each of her kids. No, it's not by yelling. She's good at it. I'm still learning.
2. How to make great memories even while shopping with tired or hungry children of any age.
3. How to have the patience of Job in stressful situations.
4. How to go into a store and only buy things that are on a WOW sale (very little money).
5. How to get up in the morning, throw on your exercise wear, pull your hair into a ponytail and still look like a candidate for Miss America. (I, of course, have passed my prime in being able to pull this off, but Joanna is a pro).
6. How to stay in touch with all of your high school friends and enjoy how they enrich your life.
7. How to be a concerned and loving sister and daughter and grand-daughter.
8. How to be a standout neighbor.
9. How to run a household with four kids under the age of 8, one husband, two dogs, one (?) fish, and two snails without having a nervous breakdown.
10. How to be optimistic 24/7 and lift and inspire me.
Of course, it was great to have the four kids around. Boy, could we tell you some shopping stories, some ball game stories and some snail stories. I'm short on words today so I'll just say that WE HAVE HAD FUN! We have gained much from our fun and now have to say goodbye while Joanna and kids return home to teach violin and Dad and I fly off to DC tomorrow for Grant's baptism. Vanessa asked me to speak at the baptism meeting so I am formulating thoughts and am open to any suggestions. I will post more Jesse and Danielle pics soon. Love as always, Linda

Monday, June 2, 2008

A fun birthday weekend!

Our newest 3 year old had a blast with his family at a bouncy place in Springville. May how we love this little cutie who is now such a big boy. He just joins in all the fun. B. J. especially loves bats, balls and anything you can hit a ball with on the ground (like golfing). I'm telling his parents right now that they need to groom him for the PGA (think $$$). That would be a good investment in their retirement!
We joined them at their house for some jumping on the trampoline and a very wet water balloon fight. I got Joanna good! The Rich Family is famous for their "water sports" and we aren't talking boating and water skiing here.You can see the sweetness in this little guys face (BJ, not DR) and how much his Mimi and Papa love being with him. We had a great time eating pizza, cake and ice cream and getting wet.