Thursday, May 29, 2008

~Jesse and Danielle's Wedding Day~

The new Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Ottley Rich taking their first stroll as husband and wife is a great angle for pictures shot outside the St. George Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a beautiful day to match the love of our beautiful couple. Danielle chose a beautiful bridal bouquet of bright orange, pink, green, and yellow flowers in several varieties.

Mindy, Linda, Danielle, Vanessa, and Joanna giving a big" hug and so excited to get a new sister. They were both so radiant and excited to see all their families and friends on the temple grounds. Her bridesmaids wore the same bright colors (below).The whole Rich side of the family gathering on the temple steps was an interesting exercise in patience for young and old. Youngest family member at the time was Amelia at 1 year old. Oldest family member at the time was Grandpa Ottley at age 85. Wow! We just didn't know how big our family was getting. We were so excited to have Grandma and Grandpa O. as well as Aunt Gaye and Uncle Kim Brown with us in the temple that morning. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bill Sackett also made the trip in their usual supportive manner. Linda's St. George cousins (Kay and Leon Glines, Betty Ford, and Debbie Parker) and daughters to one of Jesse's favorites Aunt Virginia Knell joined us as well. A wonderful reunion!
Jesse took a rest in the arms of the beautiful wedding party. I can tell he was enjoying himself but I don't think the "lovelies" were having as all that much fun.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vanessa home....finally! :-)

Today we brought Vanessa home from the hospital after spending a week there with blood clots in both lungs. She is resting well and seems really happy to be home at last. She is taking pain meds and two different kinds of blood thinners to counter-balance the S Protein deficiency which they have found in her blood. Most people have a level of around 150. Even some women have a deficiency close to 60 during gestation, but Vanessa's is 8. The doctors said that they had never encountered someone with a count that low. To discover this deficiency they had to start a panel of genetic testing (someone they have never been able to do on me) BEFORE she took any of the blood thinners. It saddens me to think that it is possible for any of my other three children to have the same thing. We have been blessed with 10 perfect grandkids and the doctor has been amazed that Vanessa and Andrew have had 4 healthy pregnancies and 4 healthy kids. If you want to know more about it read their blog where Andrew has entered some stats about this health risk. Though it is not up to date, it gives some of the symptons and test outcomes. wasn't a good day. Today is a better one. I am happy that we have her home and that I am here to help. Their ward has been amazing with play groups and food. I've been able to keep the laundry going and had time with kids. They are so happy and fun and you can't be anything but excited to be in their presence. Of course, MY grandkids are beautiful and perfect in every way. If you'd like to take the challenge I'm ready for a debate~!~ Love, Linda

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day with the Croshaws!

It's been a great Mother's Day here in our nation's capitol city with the Croshaw Family. We attended church then the whole entourage went to Vanessa's hospital room to celebrate. This was a good day for Vanessa and they are thinking seriously about sending her home tomorrow. I told Vanessa that she should stay in the hospital as long as she can AND AFTER OUR VISIT I THINK SHE WAS CONVINCED! As we were leaving the boys were wrestling on the floor of the hall just outside Vanessa's room which was fine, except the hall outside Vanessa's room was also the hall outside the rooms of several people just coming out of surgery. I hope that their recovery is still on track. HA!

Anyway, it was an eventful day and the kids were so excited about bringing all their "gifts" from school, pre-school and primary as well as the flowers given to all the moms at church today. They are a barrel of fun to be around. And the things they say are hilarious.

I'm glad I'm here and so happy to see Vanessa improving and her diagnostic tests coming up with some answers. Signing off for now!