Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Doug and I are getting super excited to go with our sweet donors to Tahiti and the Marqueses Islands in French Polynesia on February 7th. We will be gone from that afternoon until the afternoon of February 19th. Here are the plans:

Day #1 Thurs. Fly to LAX and transfer to Air France for the 8 hr. flight to Papeete, Tahiti

Day #2 Fri. Arrive at 5 a.m.!!!! A member of the church is picking us up in a bus after luggage claim and customs to go to the busy morning market in the city for an hour then taking us to the Papeete Tahiti Temple by 8:30 a.m. for a 9 a.m. session. They will have the session in English luckily. After a tour of the temple gardens we will be transported to the ship and board midday. We will have more than 12 hrs. on the ship before it sails the next morning while we are sleeping. We will use the time to catch some sleep, explore the ship and take advantage of the "free" eats. That night at 9 p.m.. we will gather for a meet/greet reception with all the participants in our group.

Day #3 Sat. Ship sails at 4 a.m. but only goes for a couple of hours before we are in the island of Moorea. Snorkeling, shopping, visiting, and exploring the island will begin after breakfast onboard the ship.

Day #4 Sun. We will hold Sacrament Mtg. onboard the ship. This is a day at sea while we travel to the Marqueses Islands (see map)

Day #5 Mon. Also a day at sea which gives us time to have our business meeting and spouses meeting for a couple of hours in the morning. Undoubtedly we will go to some classes like gourmet cooking or info classes on the next day's island (where to shop, what to do, what to see)

Day #6 Tues. Island of Nuku Hiva. Dinner rotation for get to know you. Game night.

Day #7 Wed. Day at Sea will include a book review of "Tactics of Everyday Leadership: Becoming a Plu-One Leader" by Gary Rhoads.

Day #8 Thurs. Day at Sea will include a case study "Business Ethics for Entrepreneurs" by Bob Crawford. Shows in the lounge at night.

Day #9 Fri. Island of Rangiroa for hiking, snorkeling, reading, relaxing onshore. Comedy show.

Day #10 Sat. Island of Raiatea for more of the same. Movies, karaoke and magician onboard in evening.

Day #11 Sun. Bora Bora for church with natives in French and an island tour with members on the bus.

Day #12 Mon. Dock at 8 a.m. and transfer to airport to fly to LAX. Stay at Crowne Plaza near airport.

Day #13 Tues. Catch flight at 1:30 p.m. to SLC.

Day #14 Wed. GO BACK TO WORK reluctantly but with happy memories and many new friends.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Clay Aiken is better at bloggin than I am!

I'm a terrible blogger, but I enjoy reading all of yours so keep them up. I am feeling better and better and my doctor is watching a few (very few) concerns so I'm well supported. We loved the holidays where we spent several days at Christmas with our beautiful Joanna and handsome husband Laren and their four really entertaining kids - Abbie (8), Christian (5), BJ (2), and Mia (9 months). It was so meaningful and the snow was piled up really high everywhere so it really looked and felt like an old fashioned Christmas.

Mindy, I have been wearing your white Olympics parka for weeks in a row. It is perfect here.

For New Years we went up to Island Park (I'm not sure why it's called "Island" park because it doesn't look like an island to me) with our friends to a luxury cabin where we visited, played games, snowshoed, and enjoyed the wildlife in the fridgid north. There was a mountain about the size of the Disney Matterhorn in the parking lot of the church which they had just piled up with their snowblowers...amazing. I've never seen so much snow. It was fun.

Well, I'll post some photos that will recap the Island Park trip and also tell you what I got for Christmas from Doug ------SHELVES FOR MY STORAGE ROOM. I know, I am easily entertained, but seriously, how long have I wanted shelves for that room? 33 YEARS!?!