Thursday, October 25, 2007

OK - SEPTEMBER and most of OCTOBER have been a wash!

This is probably the "slowest" blog on the web but I'm going to give it another chance. Or in other words, both of us are in recovery. It started with a silly walk to work from home to BYU on September 18th, a tour of Arches National Monument, coordinating a donors conference on the phone and computer from my bedroom, a trip to Southern Utah with the Ottley Women, and ended up with 3 blood clots and an 8 day hospital stay at Utah Regional Medical Center until October 22. Yesterday, someone tried to accused me of trying to put some excitement into my life. I told them that excitement like that can be deadly and that I'd rather have my "dull" life back!

Aside from all that, life has been it's wonderful best, not dull at all and obviously very blessed. I spent a great day with Joanna and kids traveling going to Ikea then to Kaysville to see Mom and Dad then was treated to a trip to Fay's where Adri, Kami, kids and Gaye were on hand. We had a fun visit and cousins play before leaving for home. It was especially fun since I was just up from bedrest the two weeks before that. I went back to work the next week and was really excited put on our conference and see all our great donors coming to campus. That next weekend I went with my sisters Fay, Gaye, and Jolene with Mom and our Aunt Margaret to Southern Utah.

We enjoyed see musical "42nd Street " at Tuacahn, some of the best theater we had ever seen. We played in the red sand in snow canyon and shopped the outlet stores. It was really inspiring to be with these fabulous women that I always learn from. We came home on a Sunday and I felt tired but good.

On Monday morning I had a dull ache in my chest but it took me most of the day for Doug to convince me that it might be serious enough to call the doctor about. Well, it's a long story but the short of it is that I ended up in the hospital. To make a complicated story short I'm now home and they and I am doing everything I can for myself to regain my strength and increase my lungs to repair the damage done.

I'm hopeful and happy most of the time but still on pain meds and oxygen. Doctors told me not to go to work until Monday October 29th at the soonest. Our trip to DC is in limbo until I see how I'm coming but our later trip to Thailand is a go. Life is a go. This blogspot is a GO.